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My name is Morgan Spence and I am a 16 year old stop-motion animator from central Scotland. After discovering “brickfilming” in 2011, I created Morgspenny Productions, a content hub for my creations. Now, after 4 years, my films have reached close to 5 million views in total, stretching to audiences around the world. I shoot both independent and commissioned works from my studio just outside Glasgow. My work has been featured in various media appearances, most notably on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

How I began.

From a young age I was always interested in the popular toy, Lego. Having over the years collected many sets, it seemed natural to combine it with my other passion, film making. From this my first animation was born, created for a school project. The film proved to be a success among my peers and this inspired me to continue animating.


 I create the animations using a technique called stop-motion, which is a sequence of photographs played very fast to form the illusion that an object or character is moving. I would take a photo and move the character, then repeating the process until I achieve the desired shot. I shoot in 15 fps, meaning that there are 15 individual photos in 1 second of film. You can imagine a degree of patience is required! I then edit the clips together, add sound effects, titles and music. Finally I post the films onto my YouTube account and website. More information at my FAQ!

If you’d like to commission a film click here.



  1. Oliver Teunis

    Hi Morgan,
    I’m Oliver and I live in Holland, I really enjoy watching your films. My mum says I should say hi to your mum & dad. My mummy is Catherine Roberts and your mummy & daddy know her well !!
    Keep up the good work with the films, they are really cool !!

    1. Morgan

      Thanks Oliver! Glad you like my films. My mum and Dad both say hi!,


  2. sean burns & jacqueline invine

    hi morgan,
    just watched scotland today,and then put my computer on, and checked out your lego cartoons, i draw cartoons and have made a few, but ours are no where near the standard of yours, keep up your work, im sure youll make millions, not from this, but from what this will lead to, you could be the next stephen spielberg and your scottish….well done

  3. John D

    Really interesting and inspiring article!! Interesting to hear your story!

  4. ella young

    hello morgan,
    i enjoy very much the Lego film, it’s really good especially the storyline – it’s rich and inspiring.
    well done. congratulations.
    (from hong kong, china)

    1. Morgan

      Hi ella, Glad you like my film and thanks for you positive feedback! Can’t believe that it’s reached around the world!



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