Animation Workshops

In recent years I have been expanding my animation workshop schemes. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in hosting one at your event, school or exhibition. See details below:

  • 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hour interactive animation workshop.
  • The chance to brainstorm film ideas, build sets using LEGO and bring them to life using stop-motion animation to create short clips.
  • Includes a presentation and in-depth live tutorial for beginners / those who want to give animation a go for the first time.
  • Aimed at school children and young adults.
  • Flexible format and content – can be suited meet requirements.

For prices, please email:

LEGO and animation materials are provided, however Apple iPads, iPhones or iPod Touch devices with IOS 8.0 or later are required (Approximately 1 per group of 4 participants).

Previous feedback:

“Morgan ran four stop-motion workshops for primary school children at Perth Museum and Art Gallery during the run of ‘Brick City’, an exhibition of Lego models by Warren Elsmore. The workshops spanned Primary 1 to Primary 7 (aged 5 – 12), and had up to 30 pupils at one time in each workshop. Morgan was very flexible and adapted to the varying spaces and group sizes which we had to work with. The pupils found Morgan incredibly inspiring, and many left motivated to take-up stop motion animation at home. In a 90 minute workshop the pupils learned all about Morgan’s art and had time to create animations of their own. It was a really accessible activity which all ages enjoyed, including accompanying teachers and adults. I would highly recommend Morgan’s workshops; he is clear and confident in his delivery and an inspiration to all.” – Culture Perth and Kinross, Perth. 

“The children enjoyed all of their visit and the workshop was nothing short of inspirational.  Morgan Spence was great with the children and encouraged the best from them all as well as ensuring that every child was involved throughout.  This was quite a task for the age range and ability range of the children.  In addition to this he was able to give information and support to the teaching staff which will enable us to take this project forward in school in a practical way.” – Kettins Primary School, Scotland. 

“I have received really positive feedback from several individual participants and I am sure more will follow. You have been very generous sharing your expertise and passion for film-making. I really hope that we have inspired a new generation.” – Derry City and Strabane District Council, NI.