Here are some video and audio clips from media/television pieces about my films.

Press contact here.


Mashable –

BBC News-


Elite Daily: April 1st 2013-

The Scotsman: April 1st 2013-

Creative Scotland: February 2nd 2013-

DJZ.COM: March 19th 2013-

Daily Record: July 13th 2013-

Herald Scotland: March 31st 2013-

This is EDM: April 3rd 2013-

The Renfrewshire Gazette: April 4th 2013-

BIAFF (LEGO JAIL BREAK): May 14th 2013-

EDM Canada: unknown-

Advisor’s Choice Award- Co-operative Film Festival-

Daily What?: June 13th 2013-

Do Androids Dance: March 23rd 2013-

NYFF 2013: November 8th 2013-

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