Lego History – A Journey Through Time In Lego

‘Lego History’ brings to life some of the most iconic events throughout civilisation in Lego.  The two minute short portrays 14 scenes, starting during the dawn of time in the Stone ages, moving through the great empires, the Middle Ages and concluding in the  modern day world. Famous moments such as the sinking of the Titanic, Ancient Rome and Greece, the Apollo 11 Moon Landings and Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech are featured.

I began working on this project in October 2015, working for around two months from start to finish. I initially planned and story boarded my idea, writing scenes based on what I thought were the most defining moments in time. I was lucky enough to have had access to the amazing models provided by the Edinburgh based Lego artist Warren Elsmore and he kindly let me bring them to life using stop-motion animation. I spend a further month shooting the 14 scenes, spending a few days filming each before moving on to the next. The project was a challenge for me as I gave myself a relatively tight deadline for a Christmas release. The models were complex to work with and I had to work hard to create the most realistic representation of the event.


I did my best to choose a wide spread of models, working with the most iconic and recognisable events.


The custom interchangeable minifigure heads for Martin Luther King were provided by the lovely folks at


DSC_1518 (2)


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