LEGO Marriage Proposal

I was contacted by a man called Ben who lives in England in June of this year. He explained that he’d seen some of my previous work (notably Brick Flicks Famous Films in Lego and my interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and was impressed with what I did. He explained that he had a plan to propose to his girlfriend Kirsten in his local movie theatre, the Electric Cinema in Birmingham, UK and asked if I could help him out.  His request was for me to create a film that explains how the couple met, their first dates and some of the special moments which they have shared together, all in Lego featuring miniature figures of the couple.  The finished film would go on to be shown in the theatre, much to girlfriend Kirsten’s and the rest of the movie goers’ surprise!

After brainstorming our ideas, I began to create storyboards and a script for the film, which Ben himself narrated. I got in touch with UK based company and asked if they could custom make some Lego Minifigures especially for the film – they turned out great! From here it was a case of building the sets from their iconic moments and then using the process of stop-motion animation to bring it all to life.  The film features snapshots such as their trip to Thailand, their first kiss in the rain and attending a nearby premiere of the recent James Bond film.

On the 6th August 2016, the proposal animation was shown at the Electric Cinema where Ben and Kirsten were about to watch a movie. To everyone’s surprise, in place of the movie commercials was the animation. At the end of it, Ben then asked Kirsten to marry him. She said ‘Yes’ and everyone was delighted!

It was a great project to work on and was unlike anything I’d ever had the opportunity to create as a film-maker. The personal story behind it was very touching and in my opinion, made it extra special. I ensured that details were key in the film, all the way from the outfits the figures were dressed in to the online dating profile descriptions! A happy ending indeed!

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