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My name is Morgan Spence and I am old stop-motion animator from Glasgow in Scotland. After discovering “brickfilming” in 2011, I created Morgspenny Productions, a content hub for my creations. At present my films have been viewed tens of millions of times, reaching audiences around the world. I shoot both independent and commissioned works from my bedroom studio. My work has been featured on ABC Television, BBC News, CNN and various print and online media. 

From a young age I was always interested in the popular toy, Lego. Having built up a collection over a number of years, it seemed natural to combine it with my other passion, film making. From this my first animation was born, created for a school project aged 11. The film proved to be a success among my peers and this inspired me to continue animating and to explore different types of film-making.

I create the animations using a technique called stop-motion, which is a sequence of photographs played very fast to form the illusion that an object or character is moving. I would take a photo and move the character, then repeating the process until I achieve the desired shot. I shoot in 15 fps, meaning that there are 15 individual photos in 1 second of film. You can imagine a degree of patience is required, but with practice makes perfect. I then edit the clips together, add sound effects, titles and music. Finally I post the films onto my YouTube account and website. More information at my FAQ!


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